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JEES, a quarterly journal in English, is published by the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science. The journal covers all aspects of researches and technology related to electromagnetics. Its objective is to provide rapid publications of original and significant contributions in electromagnetics area.

Passive Components and Circuits
Active Devices and Device Modeling
RF/Wireless Systems and Applications
Electromagnetic Interference/Compatibility/Environment
Other areas

Sub - Topics:
Antennas: planar (microstrip antenna etc.)
Antennas: 3-Dimensional
Passive circuits and components: filters
Passive circuits and components: other than filters
Active circuits and components: amplifiers
Active circuits and components: mixers and oscillators
Wireless communication theory and systems
Communication signal processing
Radio resource management and policy
Electromagnetic environment
Electromagnetic compatibility
Electromagnetic wave absorbing material
Electromagnetic field theory and numerical analysis
Radar and system applications
Electromagnetic wave scattering and imaging
Call for Papers - special issue on Innovative Technologies in RF/mm-wave/THz Fields
Deadline Extended - Call for Papers - JEES Special Issue (vol. 15, no. 4) on iWAT2015
New Submission & Review System
Call for Papers - JEES Special Issue (vol. 15, no. 3) on Bioelectromagnetics
A paper has been withdrawn in JEES (vol. 10, no. 3)
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Sangwon Yun
(Sogang University)
CURRENT ISSUE : Vol. 17, No. 2, April, 2017
A Modeling Process of Equivalent Terrains for Reduced Simulation Complexity in Radar Scene Matching Applications
Gangil Byun1 닕 Kyu-Young Hwang2 닕 Hyeon-Gyu Park2 닕 Sunwoo Kim3 닕 Hosung Choo4,*
Compact Mobile Quad-Band Slot Antenna Design for GPS L1, WiMAX, and WLAN Applications
Haiyan Piao1 닕 Yunnan Jin1 닕 Jinpil Tak2 닕 Jaehoon Choi1,*
Design of A Compact Single-Balanced Mixer for UWB Applications
Wahab Mohyuddin1 닕 In Bok Kim2 닕 Hyun Chul Choi1 닕 Kang Wook Kim1,*
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