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JEES, vol. 17, no. 2, pp.51-56, April, 2017
DOI. http://dx.doi.org/10.5515/JKIEES.2017.17.2.51

A Modeling Process of Equivalent Terrains for Reduced Simulation Complexity in Radar Scene Matching Applications

Gangil Byun1 ∙ Kyu-Young Hwang2 ∙ Hyeon-Gyu Park2 ∙ Sunwoo Kim3 ∙ Hosung Choo4,*
Hongik University1, Agency for Defense Development2, Hanyang University3, Hongik University4

This study proposes a modeling process of equivalent terrains to reduce the computational load and time of a full-wave electromagnetic (EM) simulation. To verify the suitability of the proposed process, an original terrain model with a size of 3 m × 3 m is equivalently quantized based on the minimum range resolution of a radar, and the radar image of the quantized model is compared with that of the original model. The results confirm that the simulation time can be reduced from 407 hours to 162 hours without a significant distortion of the radar images, and an average estimation error of the quantized model (20.4 mm) is similar to that of the original model (20.3 mm).

Keyword : Antenna Beamforming, Antenna Characteristics, EM Simulation Complexity, Radar Scene Matching.

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