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Journal of the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic and Science 2005;5(3):105-111.
Forced Resonant Type Cutoff Cavity-Backed Aperture Antennas Loaded with a Single External Reactance
Ki-Chai Kim1, Kazuhiro Hirasawa2
1Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, Yeungnam University
2Institute of Information Sciences and Electronics, University of Tsukuba
This paper presents the basic characteristics of a cutoff cavity-backed aperture antenna with a feed post and a parasitic post inserted parallel to the aperture. It is shown that this type of antenna forcibly resonates the cutoff cavity by adding a single external reactance to the parasitic post. The Galerkin's method of moments is used to analyze integral equations for the unknown electric current on each post and the aperture electric field on the aperture. The value of an external reactance for forced resonance is analytically obtained by deriving a determining equation. Also the current distribution on each post, aperture electric field distributions, and the radiation patterns are discussed. The theoretical analysis is verified by the measured return loss and radiation patterns.
Key words: Cavity-backed Aperture Antenna, Forced Resonance, Reactance Loading


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